In line with its commitment to meeting the individual needs of its customers and providing excellent customer service, GS superstore rebranded to Valyou Supermarket at the end of October following extensive major refurbishment at its supermarket in Naxxar. The new layout, which now also includes a brand new gourmet counter provides customers with a welcoming environment and a wide range of products at better value. Furthermore, the re-design includes a new butcher and fish monger counters, and an upgraded queueing system.

Valyou Supermarket, run by the same management, has kept its customers in mind when working on the refurbishment, making sure that the layout suits the Maltese consumers and their shopping habits, while emphasising on a calm, serene and warm atmosphere. Thanks to its modern lighting systems and the spacious layout designed by Italian designers Bianco-Arancio, the new design of the supermarket is very eye catching. The design, not only gives emphasis to a brighter shopping environment, but also highlights better value of the products.

“We proudly refurbished our Naxxar outlet in line with the changing environment and habits of the Maltese consumers and we are extremely pleased with the outcome,” said Raymond Mintoff, Managing Director at Valyou Supermarkets. “We have been offering the Maltese public an enjoyable and easy shopping experience, together with good quality products for a number of years now. But we wanted to further improve on that and with a desire to increase customer satisfaction, we used our customer’s feedback to create a space that is modern and contemporary and that makes shopping an enjoyable experience.”

Covering 4,000 sq.m, the supermarket carries the renowned French brand Carrefour, Europe’s largest supermarket chain. Just like Valyou Supermarkets, Carrefour is founded on the premise of giving you, the customer, excellent value when buying produce for everyday living.

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