valyou-supermarkets-logoThe new Cash in Card scheme now brings even more rewards for all Loyalty Card holders. This scheme is valid for those who spend €50 or more at any of the Valyou supermarkets with the opportunity to top up your Loyalty Card with cash which you can then redeem instore. The offer of points, free bottles of water and soft drinks is still available and this Cash in Card scheme is another offer that you can choose at the cashpoint when you spend €50 or more.

The cash in your card can be used in the following month and is not transferable to the month following that. Please take a look at the Terms & Conditions for more information and don’t hesitate to contact us if you require any further information.

Find out more information and check your balance here.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The Cash in Card Scheme (referred to as “The Scheme”) is applicable on purchases of €50 and over
  2. The Scheme begins on the 24th October 2016
  3. The Scheme is available at the Valyou Supermarkets in Malta
  4. The Scheme will credit your loyalty card as follows:
Purchase Offer
€50 – €99.99 €3 cash in card OR 400 points
€100 – €199.99 €7 cash in card OR 1,000 points OR 18 bottles of water OR 5 bottles of soft drinks
€200 – €299.99 €14 cash in card OR 2,000 points OR 36 bottles of water OR 10 bottles of soft drinks
€300 – €399.99 €21 cash in card OR 3,000 points OR 54 bottles of water OR 15 bottles of soft drinks
  1. Cash in Card balances are not redeemable for cash
  2. Cash in Card balances earned in the current month can only be used in the following month
  3. Cash in Card balances available in the current month cannot be carried forward to the following month.
  4. Any unspent Cash in Card balances at the end of the month is lost.
  5. Balances cannot be transferred to other cardholders
  6. Balances are only redeemable at the store at which they were earned
  7. Redemption of cash in card is only permitted on presentation of the loyalty card
  8. To report a lost GS Loyalty card visit
  9. Retail Marketing Ltd reserves the right to discontinue the Scheme at any time