Cash in Card Scheme

The new Cash in Card scheme now brings even more rewards for all Loyalty Card holders. This scheme is valid for those who spend €50 or more at any of the Valyou supermarkets with the opportunity to top up your Loyalty Card with cash which you can then redeem instore. The offer of points, free bottles of water and soft drinks is still available and this Cash in Card scheme is another offer that you can choose at the cashpoint when you spend €50 or more.

The cash in your card can be used in the following month and is not transferable to the month following that. Please take a look at the Terms & Conditions for more information and don’t hesitate to contact us if you require any further information.

Find out more information and check your balance here.

Redeem Your Points

When you shop at any of the Valyou Supermarkets, you will earn points that can be redeemed for various gifts. The point scheme is as shown on the right.

Points can be accumulated from one or ANY combination of the Valyou Supermarkets. That is, points accumulated from each different supermarket will still be added to your loyalty card account and the total sum can be exchanged from any outlet of preference.

Should the requested gift be out of stock, a signed booking order will be handed to our customer that allows him/her to collect the gift once availability is restored from the particular outlet only.

Should the requested gift be discontinued, we will substitute it with a similar item.

Any GS Malta Loyalty Cards not used at any of the Malta stores for more than 120 days are considered to be inactive and will be zeroed accordingly. Thus customers who have not accumulated any points in the said 120 days, will lose all points previously gained.

Air Malta KMiles

Ever fancied visiting one of European’s top destinations simply because you love shopping at our stores?

The Loyalty Points Scheme allows you to redeem your points for free travel (excluding taxes and other terms and conditions) with the Airmalta Flypass KMiles scheme. 2 points can be redeemed for 1 KMile on Airmalta flights!

Redeeming your points is easy – you simply need to check with the Customer Care Section at any of the Valyou Supermarkets and KMiles will be credited to your AirMalta Flypass Card / Account.

Let’s pack and go! Happy Shopping!

Car Wash & Fuel Vouchers

Isn’t it time to get your car cleaned or how about you fill your car on us?

The Loyalty Points Scheme allows you to redeem your points for car wash and fuel vouchers at a selected number of Service Stations covering the whole of Malta.

Get a free car wash for 1700 points; and fill your car with €10 worth of fuel for 3,000 points.

Simply ask at the Customer Care Desk at any of the Valyou supermarkets to redeem your points and get your voucher!

Happy Shopping!